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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble X: Long


1. Cut the corner of the trail throught the woods to get ahead of the short course participants. Followed the crowd. Just making sure I was in the pack. Trail wasn't very good so couldn't read my map well while on the run.
2. The pack split up. I decided to go straight and add the climb rather than risk the green down low. In hind sight the green wasn't bad so going arond the hill would have been better. I was behind iliana.
3. +01:00down to the field to the road. Across the bridge and cut in where everyone is wandering around. The map is wrong in this area. The clearing, trail and man made object aren't right. I lost over a minute looking along the river for it. Vadim and Gregory also there.
4. I decided that I wanted to leave from E instead of C so I went to C, B, A, D, E May not have been the best choice. Rail the trail to C. Vadim followed me.
5. Straight to B
6. A was father than I thought.
7. D
8. E
9. straight. With Randy at this point.
10. Straight. I had already determined that the green wasn't that bad to pretty much ignored it from here on.
11. G, H, F. Dropped down low and had to climb back up. With Randy and Alexai
12. H
13. F. Randy went straighter. I decided to head directly the the trail. Randy got there just ahead of me.
14. I couldn't decided what order to do this in. I decided I like the long trai run so decided to do L last. Went J, I, K, L. Cut Started off straight but once I decided I went north to the trail. Alexi was on trail ahead of me. He was going to I first. At trail junction cut in. Had some trouble finding J.
15. I: Passed Alexi as I was going to I
16. K :
17. L: I was to far north. Dascha and Alexi also looking around. Finally realized I was to far north and cut back to the control. Wasn't much of a feature here.
18. I was tired and got screwed up. I started out the wrong direction. so much for my trail run. I didn't go to far but lost a lot of time before I corrected. Came out way down the trail. Farther than expected. On the trail, Gregory and Alexi just ahead of me.
19. I am beat. i spent 90 seconds at the water control. I drank my gatorade, ate a gel..... I should have taken water also. Ate 1/2 of my power bar also. Grabbed a map and started off. I am now in conservation mode. I am no longer hurring but just trying to finish. Walked up the right trail. Did M, P, O, N. This was the wrong direction. should have gone P, O, N, M. When I got to M gregory was just finishng the window.
20. P All by myself.
21. O
22. N: Saw several short course people going the other way.
23. Straight
24. I was beat. Walking entirely now to keep from cramping. I really needed water.
25. I headed for the campground. I know it is open until Oct 30th so hoped the water was still turned on. Stopped at the first pump and it was on. Nice cold water. I drank some and walked on. 100 meter farther I was thirsty to stopped to have some more. This pump was lower so I ddopped onto my knees to drink more easily and cramped up. Now I was in trouble. Hobbled back to my feet and tried to relax and stretch. While I was anguishing, Tom Overbaugh passed me. Tom sent Brad Whitmore back to check on me. Brad said they had put more water out and the next control had some. Fine. I decided to walk to the next control where I could drink out of a cup. Unfortunately the water was hot out of the jug. The pump water had been nice and cool. Went to Q
26. R
27. S
28. T
29. U
30. Straight
31. On the way Dave Onkst passed me down low on the hill. We got the control at about the same time. I ate a gel with Caffeine.
32. I took the lower trail by by #18 then cut up to the road. At the road junction Dave who had gone the other way was right there. We jogged down road together. I had decided to risk the green and go V, W, X, Y
33. W
34. X
35. Y: The green needs to be remapped. I couldn't get to the trail. It was solid thorns. Finding the control was easy once I got to the trail.
36. Had a tough time getting through the thorns again.
38. As I was leaving #37 Dave Onkst was coming back to it. I told him it was going to be a race. I started jogging again. It wasn't much of a race as Dave caught me real quick.
F. I told Dave I was going to haunt him to the finish and at the last minutes out kick him. I was only kidding but Dave slowed way down when the hill started. We finished together rather than try to out kick each other.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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