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Race Evaluation

MNOC Telemark Weekend: Night


1. No attack point
Ran too fast
Followed others
mass start ; general confusion ran with the group . Arrived at wrong control (#8) ; someone spotted the reflector in the dark.
2. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Not thinking clearly
Disturbed by others
Followed others
Unused to map
running with the wrong guys got pulled to the N ; once back on track running my own race get sorted out
3. good leg
4. Bad compass work
Could not relocate
came out of #3 and ran fast .Must have crossed a trail and not noticed it. Compass wouldn't settle down. Arrive at a trail junction and couldn't make sense of it. After a minute or two decided to back track and then got back to my attackpoint for #3 on the trail and got going again
5. Bad compass work
got onto mtn bike trail about 50mr to W and went way W on it (didn't notice that is was going NW instead of SW !, backtracked 300m and then crossed the depression to #5
6. a better leg .. starting to read the map
7. Ok
8. Bad compass work
didn't stay on compass bearing
9. Bad distance judgement
good leg ...
10. took cautious approach
11. +01:00took long trail way around for low risk approach;
12. +00:50wandered slightly too far E along trail ; had to back track 50 m
13. took long way around on trails to get solid close attackpoint on trail bend
14. Did not check features en route
went to far W ... not happy with compass (didn't settle down)
15. Did not check features en route
went to trail junction for solid attackpoint
F. quick run in

Total Time Lost - 00:21:50

Split Analysis

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