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Race Evaluation

NEOC Wells State Park: Green


1. took the road around to give me some map reading time
2. +00:30along ridge to road, around marsh, then long trail run taking small trail just past green. Over the top ok, but had circle centered on reentrant S of knoll so paused before going around it and back up.
3. pretty much straight over the top, then slow down the other side looking behind me to make sure I didn't overshoot it, right in passing a few folks who had also bobbled #2
4. +00:20across marshy area, then through the woods on the W side - terrain was a bit vague approaching control, so slowed down more than perhaps I should have, but I wanted to make sure I was in the correct spot
5. pretty much straight, checking off features and dodging green although I managed to find the white gap pretty well
6. +05:00boom... down cleanly to the marsh crossing, then things just didn't make sense. Stone walls didn't seem to jive and I wound up over by large trail, apparently drifting S - back in and over to large hill next to marsh tried a slow bearing from top although the top isn't clearly mapped - missed again and wound up on trail up near northern marsh, came back and eventually hit it, but cost a lot of time.
7. out to trail NW of control, then into woods and along road to avoid missing it, passed another lost soul in here.
8. +00:30more iffy mapping IMO, wound up W of control near other boulders, then corrected
9. careful bearing - fine
10. white woods to powerline, then trails
11. +00:40skirt darker green to S, then up along edge of reentrant - misread clue and looking for a 2.5m boulder rather than a 1m boulder so missed L and hit trail at huge boulder, came back ok - felt like it took longer to climb hill than it should have.
12. +01:20straight bearing, then along lower side of flat area just above marsh and contours, walked within 6 feet of pit and didn't see it, felt I was in the correct place, but doubting map accuracy I slowly continued along, then hit trail below junction, and slowly came right back to where I had been - saw the pit with flag buried in the bottom from this angle - kind of a bingo to find the flag
13. +00:15straight, hesitated before control as I came to a stream apparently not mapped (it was under my control circle - doh!), then saw flag and proceeded to flag
14. straight, then trail run to road, then up the hill to ruins, in and out just fine.
F. finish sprint - sort of. They had the finish banner strung across the logical path to the finish table so you kind of had to go around and come to the table from the side - I just stopped my watch as I ran past, then came back and gave them my time as they weren't watching the clock anyway... Good time though..

Total Time Lost - 00:08:35

Split Analysis

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