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Race Evaluation

NEOC Wells State Park: Green


2. Small trail up hillside.
6. +00:20Caught up in green, and so zig-zagged, heading to corner of the pond. Then used stone walls and spur to spike it.
7. +00:20Hit trail further north than intended.
9. +02:00Drifted way left to the marsh. Then missed it right and had to come back.
10. Left of line to stone wall to the power line.
11. +02:00Shakey leg. Wanted to follow the rocky ground, but lost it. When I hit the hillside, I guessed it was right. It was left. Shouldn't be guessing.
12. This would have been easy to miss! (Flag was on the ground in a small pit.) But I nailed the cliff just right of the line, and then spiked it.
13. +04:00Straight. I took a branch in my right eye heading up to the road. Then just staggered around for a while checking first that my eye was still there, then checking for blood. I hope this explains why I couldn't orient myself when I got to the stone walls. Had to relocate on this easy leg.
14. +00:30Just staggered back to the road, not really looking at the map and seeing that the trail would have been much faster.
F. Probably hit my watch as I was coming in. Real split would have been a few seconds more, I'm sure.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:10

Split Analysis

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