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Race Evaluation

2007 Western States Orienteering Championships: Green Day 2


1. Trail to bend to trail near green past green and first dot knoll.
2. Bad compass work
On compass and picking up trail segments, but drifted left somehow and missed it. Got close to road and then turned right for 30 m and down a line through the little thicket.
3. Climb past big trail to little trail, a little left of line to get to trail quickly, then trail to trail jct and clearing and up along the green. This was my only leg with the fastest split.
4. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Lacked concentration
Left of green until I fought through and then along the bottom of green patches until end of last one. Then lost concentration and didn't check compass or realize I needed to climb a line. Got too low and saw what was probably a white control, and then got flummoxed about where I w as, so back up to last green patch and then did better. About 4 different errors to lose a total of 2 minutes here. Lucky it wasnt worse.
5. Left of line to pick up narrow trail around big reentrant, then past trail jct for about 50 m and in on compass. No problem.
6. Up the spur to upper trail, then past jct and past green near trail and straight in. Could see it from a distance.
7. Up spur to upper trail and along trail past reentrant on right and in. Saw Eric Bone here for the third time. Also saw him in the vicinity of #4 and at #5. Glad I didn't have to go all the places he went.
8. Up reentrant left of big hill to trail and beyond to nest trail for a few steps, then on compass to knoll. Could see knoll from a ways off.
9. Back to trail and along to trail bend, pace counting and checking off green. On compass, saw green vertical stripes area first and then dark green from a distance.
10. Straight, keeping green on my left. Could see flag through thin green patch.
11. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
NW to trail, then W to trail jct, N and W again on trails, then cut diagonally down hill t hrough white and light green stuff that was really slow and thick, W on trail for a bit then d own spur. Got fooled by trail segment on spur and thought I was further west, so pushed through the green and got to t he boulder cluster E of the control. Stopped to figure it out for a while and then ok.
12. Across reentrant on compass, picking up small trail and using it for an attackpoint. On compass in. Thick there. 2m boulder should have been the size of a refrigerator, but more the size of an automatic dishwasher.
13. Behind Claire Durand for a bit, through s ome thick slash and up to thetrail. Headed for hill top and then N to knoll. Easy.
14. Hesitated
Fought downhill through slash to NS trail and then R to trail heading west. I was actually further S than I thought and would have done better to take the more southerly trail. Hesitated for a bit on the trail near the control because the boulder was so small. Toaster sized. Flag was in a hole on the other side.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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