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Race Evaluation

Manitoba Championships Middle/Long: Course 10 Middle


2. I might have been lucky not to make a mistake on the first two controls. Wasn't really into it and was probably outrunning my navigation.
3. Went a bit south of the line, picknig up the ridge in the middle of the leg. Drifted a little too far south as I neared the control, and might have gone through a little more bush than necessary.
5. +00:15Left #4 in slightly the wrong direction and went through the green instead of going around. Was hesitant after getting out of the green and going up the hill... thought I might have come to the hill further south, until I carried on and saw the control.
9. +02:00Didn't have a good plan for this leg. Guess I wanted to pick up and spur leading west from the control. Likely would have been okay had I realized that spur could be somewhat prominent (because of the surrounding depressions). When I was a bit too far north and saw the spur to the south, I thought it was too big to be the one running west from #9, and figured it was the spur/ridge SW of the control. So I headed further north and came to the hill 100 m north of #9. Figured I was there, but then didn't think the hill looked quite right at first. Couldn't see where else I might be, so I headed south and found the control.
10. More-or-less straight, heading along the ridge after crossing the fence.
12. +00:30Followed the ridge until it petered out. Should have made a better effort to pick up and clearing past the indistinct trail. Got pulled to the north by better runnability, then found myself in the thicker woods (though it wasn't bad at all, at least where I went, but the clearing would have been a lot faster). Wasn't sure if I was north or south of the clearing so I just kept heading west through the woods. Was a bit north of the control with I came out to the field.
13. NW across the field, then in past the long narrow hill with the knoll, and along the strip of open land between the green repression and green spur. The map seemed weird after crossing the field, but that didn't cause me any problems. Was going to go around the end of the green spur, but saw the control and decided to go straight for it.
14. +00:10Came up to the hill a little bit west of the control, and hesitated a bit, looking to the east briefly first.
15. West along the ridge, then north to the control.
16. Went a bit west of the line in the beginning and came in from the north. Might have not done a good job of keeping the climb to a minimum.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:55

Split Analysis

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