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Race Evaluation

Manitoba Championships Middle/Long: Course 10 Long


1. A tad hesitant making sure I started off on the correct trail, also came up to the hill right before the control quicker than I expected.
2. Pretty much straight, around the NW end of the ridge before the little trails, then along/near the edge of the green, and in from the south.
3. East to the last spur before the white, and ran down that spur to stay in the open as much as possible. Then along the small path, by the embankment, and along the north side of the ridge for a few metres (not sure why I ended up there) before crossing it and heading down to the control.
4. SW out of #3 to the trail, and down to the cut line. Could see the ridge and the dip where the reentrant was when I reached the cut line, so I headed straight for the control.
5. +01:00Dumb -- mistook the hill that #5 was on for the hill directly south of #4. So I went off looking for a fairly big hill to the SW of #5. Realized my mistake when I reached the indistinct trail and couldn't see another fairly big hill.
6. Straight.
7. +00:20Out to the trail, to the clearing, picked up the little trail from the north corner of the clearing, followed the ridges to the trail/fence junction, then north, around the corner of the green near #9, by #9, and along the ridges into the control. Made a couple tiny mistakes not really worth mentioning... left the trail too soon after the trail/fence junction and went over an extra ridge (10-15 s), and looked in the small depression just west of the control first (5-10 s).
10. SW out of #9 (I had intended to go more directly south and stay out of the green, but the green was quite open and I ended up heading more SW into it, thinking I was in the white), across the ridge at the low point, south across the fence to the clearing, south along the clearing parallel to the fence, then crossed the fence to run along the trail, down the trail to the first open hill, SW to the next ridge, then I could see the big hill to the east of #10 and navigated by it the rest of the way.
11. Pretty much went straight. Hesitated a bit in the middle of the leg when I was unsure of my exact location, and wasn't sure which hill the big hill I could see in the distance was. Figured it must be the one 200 m east of #11, and could see the ridge south of it to confirm that. Headed for the west end of that ridge, crossed it and attacked from the little hill.
13. West out of #12, up the ridge just north of the re-entrant and by the open depression. Intended to pick up the two-contour hill in the open after leaving the ridge, but don't think I was a bit NE of it. Didn't really matter anyways as I was just heading to the fence. Got to the fence, ran along it for a few metres, then turned SE at the hill, picked up the cut line for a little bit, and webt down into the depression and to the thicket.
14. SW out of #13, through the east tip of the first blob of green, around the second blob, to the fence and along it to the top of the ridge, and down into the control.
16. Straight. Was a bit hesitant at the open hill a partway through the leg.
17. To the track, then intended to pick up the smaller trail, follow it by the green then head over to the fence. I might have missed the trail and picked up another (unmapped) one 100 m further north along the track, but I'm not sure. Came to the fence as planned so it didn't matter. Was a bit unsure approaching the control from the fence.
18. Around the east side of the big hill, SSW to the next hill, and along the clearing to the trail. Headed west along the trail to confirm my location before heading in and attacked from about halfway between the two junctions.
F. Ended up going around the north side of the hill to reach the trail, probably not a good route.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:20

Split Analysis

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