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Race Evaluation

NEOC Wells State Park: Green


2. +00:20Up the ridge via power line trail, then along ridge. IMO the control was in an unmapped reentrant on the SE side of the knoll.
4. Across marshy area to trail, misread a contour near trail but spiked control by luck.
6. +01:30Once I got past the tip of the pond, went to number 7. Oops. At least 7 was sorta on the way to 6.
7. Easy to find a good route to 7 as I had already been there.
11. +05:00Around dark green to left, then by compass. Tried to use cliff as an attack point, but missed (I think to the right) and reached the trail. Wandered the trail a while before I knew where I was on it and then was able to head for the control.
12. +06:00Clint and Phil say this one was easy to miss, and I proved it. Followed trail to bend, attacked and missed, found rocks, attacked and missed, wandered a bit. Back to the trail, carefully identified boulder near trail bend just 30m from mapped pit, careful compass & pace count led to a spot with no control in sight. To double check my location I tried compass and pace count E toward boulder and walked right into the pit about 15m from where the map indicated. Opinion: If the feature is almost invisible, it's OK to put the control where it's visible from all directions.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:50

Split Analysis

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