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Race Evaluation

DVOA Elk Neck: Red


1. Underrated difficulty
To hill top, then diagonal down to little notch reentrant above bag. Didn't see it even though I was looking hard & GPS says I ran right across it. Hit the larger reentrant east of the bag, then spiked it on the way back.
2. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Left route was bad wasn't confident of the beach route - should've read map more. Left attack was poor too as trail/clearing had changed, plus the bad was hung a bit too high, so I had to loop around the big reentrant, and see Clem catch 4 minutes on me and exit before me...
3. Did not like map
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Followed others
Clem entered the woods a little early, I entered a bit after him more on line, but then turned left to see where he'd crossed the early/wrong reentrant in case there was a bag there. There wasn't. I bailed out and looped around to the building and into 3 from there.
4. +00:15Hit ledge WSW of control and it was steeper than I thought. Climbed and turned, then things worked.
5. Climbed spur to the left. Trail to bend. E 50 paces, SE to dirt wall then creek. Left on creek to other creeks, then E into bag.
6. Uphill, weaving a bit right over the high parts then down to bag.
7. +00:20Pretty close to the line. Stopped about 25m short, quite confused as to why I hadn't seen anything
8. +00:20Up old road, through field edge, down new road, then contoured across, just a little high. Route wobbly.
9. Bearing/reentant zoom.
10. +01:45On line out, across reentrant and up through more dark green than intended. Broke of a tree branch to bash my way through at one point. At the road, I took a few steps into the forest, then wimped out/backed around the trail way around left, missing it at the junction as it's quite indisitnct there.. Straight would've been better, much...
11. Pretty straight - to road, diagonal, road a bit, then down big spur lean across, nailed 11.
12. +00:10Contoured, climbed up to flat, got inside circle and couldn't see subtle reentrant very close to me
13. Up to hill then contour around path of least resistance, hitting several mini-reentrants so I knew I was low.
14. N to trail NW, N, W cut to road, trail to near pool, right past buildings, broken ground, reentrant, L side, right across the dry pond to the bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:20

Split Analysis

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