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Race Evaluation

OOC Adventure Run Nakkertok Nordic Ski Centre: Long


1. After being divided up by the 1.4k scramble, I took my time losing a shirt & taking a drink.
2. Back from control, then left, second right, then left, jumped over hydro corridor to N trail & I caught a bunch at control, Rorry & Tanya.
3. N & caught John's duo
4. Followed gang & tape trail through woods
5. Simple long trail run with a portion taped that would not be used for snow covered marsh but we all back tracked to upstream control.
6. Thinking this leg might have an award I passed all peers but cut down to marsh too early & all caught me from above. From this point, I stuck to trail running till control is sighted.
7. N, then left, then left, three of our group stopped to search one valley short.
8. S and right turn in front of building for long trail run. Tanya went overland and crossed my trail but I continued on trail to control but Rorry was already there.
9. Stuck to trails S then E and caught Rorry and Tanya who went overland at control
10. Retraced trails we had travelled
11. Straight trail run and twisted right ankle in rocks on trail hidden under leaves
13. S then right, then third left, cut over & down steep slopes beating peers to control
14. sprinted to map exchange where I found out for first time from Rorry that there were many runners in front of us, runners I hadn't seen at all.
15. Now knowing I was so far behind, I took my time with water & gatorade and tissue paper before starting out at a much slower pace. Headed across parking lot to be stopped by crew unloading crane
16. continued W then S on lesser trail, jumped to better trail when I saw Rorry but realised that was wrong and jumped back to my trail and Rorry wouldn't catch me for next five controls.
17. sprint across field
18. N to N trail
19. backtracked, heard John yelling he was going to catch me (and he would), then quick lefts, then right, then left and up, drinking water at control was long gone but we had been warned to carry water (and I wouldn't).
20. continued N, then left on rocky, rough trail, then right on still rough trail
21. From control I went over land E to not be sighted by peers but then met Rorry and John leaving next contol. Therefore, I lost two placings at this point of event.
22. South from control, left, then right, then left, then right, then third left
23. Confused parallel features
From control, walked slowly WNW using sun bearing and consumed my second PowerGel. When I saw peers seeking my nextnext control, I realised I missed intersection: my only real error of the day. I changed direction and ran across dams as fast as bonking allows.
24. Then retraced trails knowing exactly where control should be. My speed was gone and my left leg seemed to swing wide with each stride.
25. Retraced and jumped S thru woods to trail E, then left, then right then third left and snow began to fall. ;)
26. Continued SE, then right on indistinct trail down cliff toward chalet, in error I went down to chalet level, back up and back down: fading fast. Turned S off trail too early, in rocks instead of knoll.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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