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Race Evaluation

DVOA: White Clay Creek: Red


1. trail, figured to cut thru the green then take the right cross trail thru the rest of the green and in off the pine plantation. That is what I did, tho they tell me the green was passable straight thru. Not the patch I saw.
2. left of stream for better woods, then right at it
3. remembered that trail, which happens to be the PA/DE border, is brambly, so contoured around thru the first pine plantation then picked up the indistinct trail on other side of stream. They tell me this patch of green was passable as well. Sheesh.
4. This time I went thru the green, and it was passable. Contoured around the white spur.
5. aim for trail/clearing junct
6. Trail to arc corner, trail to midway thru pines, then over green spur. This time the patches of dark green were inpenetrable rose thickets. Sheesh again ... tho the mid green was ok
7. road run
8. road run
9. contour around
10. straight
11. right of line staying in clearing to road. Got tangled in some nasty thornbushes in the light green
12. hit first field right where I wanted to at corner
F. clean tho slow. Figured climb at about 230m

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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