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Race Evaluation

DVOA: White Clay Creek: Red


1. Decided to look at fight, just in case its passable - it being March. At worst, I'll have to run in field instead of track and not cut a corner. As it happens I get straight through, though having to pick way a bit, and gain a whole second on Randy's round the path route.
2. Left of stream, then cross twice - Trying to avoid worst of briars.
3. Couldn't make much sense of green here. Couldn't find state line trail, just kept going ignoring alleged vegetation to circle. Stand still a few seconds in the reentrant before looking behind the right tree.
4. Trail. Field Flag.
5. Field. Track Flag
6. Road. Trail. Over spur and drop slightly left but correct immediately.
7. Road
8. +01:00Road. Trail, then through open on unmapped animal track. Ditch, no flag. Circle looks like its at the top of ditch, so go up, and up, ditch getting shallower. Come out at trail. Back down ditch, past open, round thorn bush to flag. Spent about a minute on the right feature looking for the flag
9. Pushed left by slope and green, dropped into wrong reentrant, but corrected quickly.
10. Went to wrong flag on rootstock???? first. Ooops
11. straight across field
12. field and round
F. and up. Meet time about 1:30 out? First meet of year, nice to be in the woods again but much quicker on tracks than in the woods. Still need to remember to punch watch.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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