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Race Evaluation

DVOA: White Clay Creek: Red


1. close to the trail all the way, got ensnared in briars and had to back out a couple of times, with the flag tantalisingly in sight
2. straight to the white spur, slowed down to hunt for the flag, then realised I needed to cross back into briars again
3. trail thru the green, then straight down the hill and up onto the trail
4. thru the narrowest bit of green and up onto the white spur, where there was a good trail
5. same as everyone else, I expect
6. down the trail (what was the misc man made object?)along the road, hastily scramble up onto the path before a car gets me, through the firs on the path to the junction, then lose my bearing massively as I unhook myself from briars, ending up on the road!Hmmm.Stop to talk to someone at the flag.
7. road
8. road
9. contour, start hunting too soon
10. up to the trail 'handle' and follow it into the field. Cut back into the forest again almost immediately to cross over the head of the stream
11. basically straight, would've been better to aim off
12. trail, walk uphill (I have to be honest as G plus son were watching)
F. must have found a good route through the grass ( or from my finger to the watch, G says)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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