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Race Evaluation

Big Blues Ramble 2007: Middle (Brown)


1. Ran straight down N-S marsh at ditch system in slight reentrant...control appeared before me! Very positive feeling to start race
2. +00:30Tried to stay south of rootstocks but pace count from large trail ran out before I reached control...investigated several other unmapped rootstocks until I saw correct double-rootstock and ran to it.
3. +04:00Worst leg. Ran around east side of large marsh, but then failed to see trail, and went too far west, where I investigated western marsh system. Finally came back to large marsh and tried again ... successfully.
4. Navigated across marshes to NE tip.
5. Followed large trail south then east; came off trail bend to spike control
6. Ran to hillside, then east along it til glimpse of control above me.
7. To trail to east, then south, off trail junction to control...easy.
8. +03:00Bad route choice: Ran across parking and through open area into thick green marsh. Persevered but missed control feature to south. Looped back around to north and luckily saw reentrant system in dark woods. Should have followed trail to north as Peter did.
9. +02:30Tried to run directly at rootstock; should have run south to ditch, then west to marsh as an attack point...which I eventually did
10. Took more time crossing marsh than it should have.
11. Straight to road, then south to marsh.
F. +00:28Tried to run directly at Finish; missed trail, got hung up in green, fell, lost glasses, crawled out and staggered to finish, where finish box was not yet in position (I was prerunning course)

Total Time Lost - 00:10:28

Split Analysis

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