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Race Evaluation

DVOA: Colliers Mill: Blue


1. straight
2. planned to go straight but drifted to the lefthand road and hit at the trail junct.
3. Bad route choice
off first road trail junct. After crawling thru the "light" green laurel on the hill, realised road run to backdoor thru clearing was faster
4. Ran too fast
Unused to map
Unused to terrain
planned a leftish route on the trails, but never found them. Relocated on the clearing between the two lakes and followed the trail network thru the green and across the bridge. Trails were not runnable. The road run to the right looks slower on the map to me, but is certainly a better choice in reality
6. right
7. trail, hill, long hill, small hill, big reentrant, hill
9. road to white
10. straight
11. Bad route choice
Did not like map
road to road bend. See Graeme behind me on road. Straight from road bend. Last section of swamp to get thru was brutal. Think it should be dark green. Looked for bag in reentrant -- didn't see a veg junction on my map. Definately go around swamp next time. See Graeme in the swamp looking at his map when I punch.
12. straight
13. straight
14. straight
15. straight. White woods no slower than field, and was not sure it anything was planted. Off powerline pylon. Actually saw some of those hunters stands. Graeme catches me as I punch. Spend some time on equipment.
16. straight. Think Graeme misses high and I punch not too far begind.
17. Graeme pulls away. Find a deer trail thru the underbrush to the left
18. straight. Looks like he found that trail on the right?
19. straight
20. straight

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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