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Race Evaluation

DVOA: Colliers Mill: Blue


1. +00:30Drifted right, distracted by flag on knoll and someone punching
2. trail right
3. trail left
4. +00:30Straight thru green (yuk). Never saw faint trail, came out at sandpit. Green and swamp wasn't too bad, setting scene for later trouble.
5. Saw kite leaving 4
6. right
7. straight
8. +00:20came NW out of 7, and hit ride at tower
9. +00:10cut in after pond
10. Out to path. straight looked risky
11. +03:00Straight. Stuck in swamp first to knees then up to thighs, a scary Carver Doone moment. Spent ages looking for place to cross, and finally blundered into flag. Best is round trail.
12. Round trail. straight was quicker, but I wasn't headed for any more swamps.
13. straight
14. straight
15. set off to 19 for a few secs, then straight. Passed Randy en route.
16. +00:30running too hard to drop Randy, got left and stood too far up spur for 30s looking for flag
17. left
18. right (trail)
19. straight
20. straight
F. straight. Best run since coming to US, apart from 11. I felt like I was moving really well in the terrain at last. More of this, less rocks and stickerbushes please!

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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