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Race Evaluation

BOK: Raven Rock, Day 2: Red


3. +02:30Intended to go straight but kept finding better running to L. Came in from the gully ends N of control, but could not find the right ditch. Decided I had overshot and was at diches to E. Back W but still no bag. Standing there lining up ditches when blue runner I passed at 2 came in on straight line and went up a small ditch right behind me which I had not seen. Sure enough, control was at the end.
5. +26:30Went NW to go high around the reentrants, planning to save climb, miss the green and approach from the W. Did not find any break in the green and apparently went to far N and ended up on next spur. Slash everywhere so could not get a good picture of spur shape or direction. Some unmapped ditches keep me wasting time. Thinking I might have cut in to soon (oops) I went to N side of spur to look for the cliffs. Saw one so assumed I was above cliff on line to 5 but one spur early. See now that the cliff and green matches spur to NW of correct one. Not wanting to go down the cliff and because of the green I went around to L and ended up even farther away and in even more green. Nothing matched now so I eventually bailed out to low ground, ran SE until I found the cliffs and from there had no trouble. Should have bailed out much sooner. Really should have taken the straight line. No way to make up all the time lost here.
9. From trail jct. straight up the spur. Had planned to go up reentrant to L but all I could see was a wall of green so spur looked better. Slow going and went slightly R to miss the top and the pile of trees there.

Total Time Lost - 00:29:00

Split Analysis

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