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Race Evaluation

BOK: Raven Rock, Day 2: Red


1. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Straight. Plan was to count trails and hit trail intersection NWW of control. Never saw the trails (neither did a lot of other people I understand). Figured such prominant trails on the map would be easy to see, but deadfall and leaves must have covered them. Tried to relocate using streams, but too late for a confident relocation. Ended up about 300 meters NE of control and was getting ready to double back when Mihai came through. He had only started a couple of minutes behind me and I couldn't tell if he had already punched # 1 yet or not. Jogged slowly behind him and watched his line and finally got the contours to match up. He had already punched. Back toward # 1. As soon as I see the bag, Vlad is leaving it.
2. Bad map reading
Disturbed by others
Followed others
Followed by others
About 20 to 50 meters behind Vlad. He stops on top of hill. I go a little further, stop, figure out where I am and double back a little bit. I spot the bag first and Vlad, coming from a different direction, punches right after me.
3. Bad map reading
Followed others
Vlad and I are on the same line.
4. Hesitated
Disturbed by others
Followed others
Followed by others
Vlad and I are on the same line, but I'm trailing. Instead of trusting my compass, which says to head a bit left of Vlad, I follow Vlad's line. I stop, figure out what's going on and double back, Vlad's just a little behind me, but spots the correct ditch first and punches before me.
5. Followed others
With Vlad. Up and around green to the left.
6. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Followed others
Was going to go left of cliffs. Did not even think to go down to stream, which is the obvious choice. Despite my plan, I still followed Vlad's line, straight, down through a hellish reentrant. Once we finally get down to the plateau, Vlad is gone. He seems to be going a bit left of the line. I keep right and almost hit the bag dead on, but I don't see it. There seemed to be several small unmapped ditches coming off of the stream. Instead of wisely turning E and running the stream to the river, I turn left, thinking that Vlad has already punched. I finally slam into hills about 250 meters to the W of control. Vlad runs past me at 90 degrees. Finally figuring out what I did. I have to go back through the hellish downfall, which should have been mapped much heavier and wider than it was. Finally find the bag, about 30 meters to the right of where I originally came in.
7. Hesitated
Around main stream and then turned right instead of left. Lost about 30 seconds correcting wrong turn.
8. Hesitated
A little cautious, but OK.
9. Did not like map
As with many people, I decided to go straight, based on the maps single lines. As many people know, however, it should have been heavy double lines. Downfall on the hill was hellish and slow.
10. Ran too fast
Bad distance judgement
Followed by others
Plan was to run indistinct trail to the SW and then cut off on trail intersection. Found indistinct trail, but missed the intersection. Knew I was climbing too far, but I figured I see the intersection at any time. As the top of the hill starts to level off, I turn around and head back down and see the intersection. Down to the river, and an older lady follows me in. I see Ted leaving 10 as I'm getting there.
11. Tired
Trail to bend and then straight
12. Lacked confidence
Followed by others
Up to field trail intersection, followed trail to main trail bend, and then on down on a bearing. Seemed to take forever to get back out to the trail from 11. I slowed down and double checked things because it seemed to take so long.
13. Hesitated
Straight, a little high, but quickly corrected.
14. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Yes, I know the ruin was on the other side of the trail, but my line was a little left and I ran into several unmapped junk piles, AND AN UNMAPPED RUIN WITH STREAMERS AROUND IT. Very confusing, I hesitate and start looking around the ruin and checked my punch card fto make sure I was on the correct side of the ruin. After wandering around frustrated for a little while, I finally figure out what's going on and run to the trail, and then to top everything off, the ruin where the bag was hanging actually looked much more like the junk piles. The unmapped ruin was much more of a ruin than the control ruin.
F. People are cheering me on, particularly Mike Brooks. He always makes you come in hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:23:45

Split Analysis

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