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Race Evaluation

BOK: Raven Rock, Day 2: Red


1. Bad route choice
Did not check features en route
I knew Tim Good had a 7:00 minute lead and Peggy had a 4:30 minute lead on me from the previous day so I had my work cut out for me. I figured if I could just run clean I'd do okay. Peggy again started 8 minutes ahead. I saw that she turned left at the edge of the field. When I started, I began to go right but at the first down fall, I reversed direction and swung left. I went so far that I think I must have come very close to control #11. I turned back a bit and could see the edge of the green area in the distance but stayed away. I didn't notice the trail going through it that would have cut some time. Instead, I ran down the reentrant on the right side. At the first junction I thought I was near the control and crossed over but I quickly realized it was one more junction and trail crossing down. Running on this area wasn't swift but wasn't too bad either. Bad route planning.
2. I can't remember this one too well except that I went straightish. I seem to remember that the ditch wasn't much of a ditch.
3. Did not follow plan
Could not relocate
My plan was to stay on the ridge a little to the right however at the first downfall, I went around to the left. From there it was trouble. I got deep into the double hashed downfall. It took forever to get across even though I could see the end of it ahead. Once finally through I wasn't sure how far I had went. To be safe, I went right, down the first big reentrant. Fortunately recognizing it to be one too early, I followed the contour around to the next. I wasn't sure how high I was but set off straight. The ditches didn't match-up and I eventually passed the gully. Seeing other orienteers coming back, I turned back and south eventually hitting the creek. I thought I was going to hit the stream but being at the creek was good because I located where I was at a horeshoe bend. I followed a water ditch, then got smart again and thought to shorten the distance when it ran out by attacking straight. I missed wide left, saw another orienteer then returned back to the horseshoe bend. Being more carefull, I followed ditches to the control.
4. Thinking there was now no way to catch Tim or Peggy, I set off anyway just left of straight and saw it a long way off. Another runner was leaving well before I got there. I forgot to take a split in want of chasing him down.
5. The other runner had disappeared over the hill. Going straight, I caught sight of him on the left side of the Y-shaped reentrants. Going left and crossing the first reentrant, I gained ground but dropped closer to the junction to have a better attack point. Crossing the deep reentrant, I reached the bag just after the other runner.
6. The other guy went right along the easiest path down the hill toward the river. I sprinted past running over the 4-5 ft. saplings along the way. Staying along the river, I used an intermittant animal trail that's not marked on the map. It required ducking and twisting but got me to the creek outlet where I turned left. The last bit was very thick. I was on hands an knees some of the time. The other guy had disappeared behind me and I couldn't see the creek even though I knew it to be only yards away. I guess this is what night O' is like.
7. Going through the fight a bit to the left to avoid a double crossing of the creek, I hit the creek not knowing how far I was above the junction--I couldn't see it so I presumed I was well above it. I crossed and couldn't match-up a ditch that was perpendicular. Going straight I came to the S pond, eventually just running over it and hitting the control easily from there.
8. Trying to go straight, I got left a bit and could see the hillside across the marsh. From there, I could see it well off and sprinted to the punch.
9. Did not follow plan
Bad compass work
My plan was to go to the road/trail junction then follow the reentrant up and over. At the junction, it looked too nasty to try so I went right on the trail. Passing the next reentrant which also looked bad, I climbed the spur. It wasn't very clear either. Once on top, I stayed to the right and dropped down too early. Going up the valley, I climbed to the control. Note that I think there was something poor about the punch. I often use 2 hands and don't remember if I did on this one or not but some of the pins didn't go all the way through. Fortunately for me, the judge had said someone else had the same problem and reinstated me after temporarily being DQ'd after the race. There was enough evidence for them when looking at one side of my card to reinstate.
10. Bad route choice
I had seen Peggy's map from the last time she ran here and there was a similar but longer leg (kind of like going from #8 to #10). She had taken the trail a long way around and didn't lose any time doing it. Heading out, I went straight as the I could to the trail head. I thought to continue across but looking at the downfall and rembering Peggy's previous run, I climbed-up the hill on the trail. Turning left on the ridge trail, I pace counted. I gave it a few more steps before leaving the trail because I was tiring on the climb. Contouring over, I saw another older orienteer headed at me. I looked back to my left and could see the control a ways down the hill. I drank before punching.
11. Straight up to the trail and up the hill. Though going slow myself, I passed some Interscholastic teenagers and inspired one to try to keep ahead. He stopped near the building. I left the trail at the bend and enjoyed the open running for a change. I crossed the next trail, went partly around the first big reentrant and then straight to the control.
12. Seeing the mess in the reentrant, I thought to go around but thought again. The distance seemed too far and might have been more messy than shown. I also thought to kind of countour but since I'd still have to go over the deadfall, in the end I decided to go straight. I was cursing the decision once in the deadfall but got across okay. Climbing out, I went right a bit and followed the edge of the reentrant. I was surprised to see Peggy ahead just before she punched. She had just fallen and twisted he ankle but I didn't see that as I shouted out.
13. I left quickly trying to gain contact w/Peggy and didn't read at first. With her leading ahead on a ride, I read. After I realized the route followed the reentrant, I ran past and punched before her.
14. Leaving quickly, I heard lots of voices. My aim was a bit left as that also seemed the path of least resistance. Seeing people run right to left I figured they were leaving the GO control so I adjusted. I also followed streamers backward to it.
F. I took off quick again and almost missed the streamered route. I skirted around one interscholastic woman runner just before the field and got a good sprint to the finish. I was surprised to win the M40 given my troubles at three. Dave was close behind on Day 1 and Tim had a good lead. Though both Tim and I had problems, I was just fortunate to make the lessor error. Tim graciously congratulated me, it being the first time I had placed ahead of him in an A-meet. Peggy deserves credit for the age group win for all the coaching. Tom Strat stayed ahead of me outright in M45.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:00

Split Analysis

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