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Race Evaluation

BOK: Raven Rock, Day 1: Green


1. Trail run most of the way to get accustomed to map and scale.
2. N of deadfall.
3. Hit stream one ditch W of intent.
4. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Could not relocate
Hit trail low. Nice white woods, so decided to run in woods instead of trail. Hit wrong ditch way too early and low. Got totally misoriented and confused. Wrong stream too. Eventually followed strea E and luckily hit cliff saw en route to 3. Realized I was 400 m from where I thought I was.
6. Thought about ocntouring, but not worth distance. Up and over 3 spurs.
7. Ditch on top of spur all the way to stream junction. W on trail around deadfall.
8. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Didn't see E trail first, so headed to W trail. At stream saw E trail on map and cut over to minimize damage.
9. Trail to stream crossing. Then started climbing trail, but bailed out and crossed small stream. Up spur. Read deadfall to ditch.
10. Slow through deadfall up the ditch. Picked up unmapped trail at boundary.
11. Around fight to E.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:00

Split Analysis

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