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Attackpoint - performance and training tools for orienteering athletes

Race Evaluation

QOC/SVO Local Meet: Blue Course


1. trail all the way around.
2. Tired
3. contour to stony reentrant, tehn up and in.
4. +00:15got a little left.
5. Bad map reading
Lacked concentration
attacked off ridge and steep, but went across too high and missed. bounced off terrace and saw power line, came back along bottom of steep but didn't see it. Went back up and crossed lower this time and hit it.
6. Left to terrace, stony pit, reentrant and in.
7. No attack point
Bad map reading
Pulled up short, ran down first set of rocks, saw #8 on terrace and attacked from there.
8. +00:10Back down the way I came - had trouble seeing the control.
9. Trail past junction, down white woods to big pit and around.
10. trail
11. trail to veg boundary, then up reentrant.
12. up to rt of green, then up stony. Hit small stony spur and atttacked from there.
13. terrace hopping.
14. +00:10Diagonal down to trail just rt of flat, then saw control from trail. Took a few secs to find the punch, which was tied on a different obj from the bag.
15. straight up stony reentrant.
16. Contoured, then above thicket to terrace (control 13) and in.
17. Did not plan ahead
Read map too late
Straight down the fall line. Saw rec control on thicket by trail. Went a little left, but not far enough. hit rt side of big pit and then around left. Should have taken trail to terrace and straight down. Bag in wrong pit.
18. trail to end, over ridge to stony pit and in.
19. +00:15pulled up on the MM feature, but no bag (it was hung on the pit below).

Total Time Lost - 00:05:20

Split Analysis

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