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Race Evaluation

SLOC - Meramec State Park: Red


1. Thought about going straight throuh the flood plain, but was worried it might be thick so I took the road all the way to the stream N of the control Then angled straight up the spur. Probably not optimal, but certainly safe and it gave me some time to get into the map.
2. +00:30Straight. Hit some reentrants about 50m before the control which were a lot more prominent than I expected. I was afraid I might have overrun the control and hit the reentrant on the far side. Looked around for a bit to relocate and then saw the actual ruin.
3. To the trail junction and then straight. Earth bank was pretty substantial; the bridge might have been a few seconds faster.
4. Just right of the redline so I could check off the reentrants on the north slope. Picked up the clearings and followed them in.
5. +03:00Straight west keeping pretty good contact. Was surprised that I never saw the trail, but I had no trouble finding the long clearing the trail supposedly goes through. From there I didn't turn enough S and mistook the stream fork to the north for the one that leads to the control. The mistake was particularly vexing because I still ended up hitting a pond with a clearing just up the spur, but of course no ruin. Figured it out pretty quickly and took the trail south to the control.
6. Right back the way I came, so it was pretty easy.
7. Through the big clearing then straight up from where the powerline crosses the stream.
8. Contoured, then over the spur and into the control.
9. Through the saddle, over the top and then dropping in from the top of the reentrant. Saw David leaving the control, then spotted the control, then almost killed myself tripping and going headfirst into a tree while running full speed down the spur. Managed to twist sideways and take the brunt of the impact with my forearm and roll down the hill. Didn't hurt too much, but it was a bit scary - it could have been pretty serious.
10. Along the S side of the ridge to the tip then down the reentrant. Saw David get suckered by the other control and caught him at the correct location.
11. Just right of the line. Quite a grunt, but maintained a decent pace. Control was lower than I expected, so I ended up having to drop back down a line to hit it.
12. +00:30Was pretty hypoxic from all the climb, so I took the safest route I could find. Took the tral to the powerline crossing then down the left side of the reentrant. Still overran it missing left, but only by about 30m.
13. +00:15Pretty much straight, hitting the road right at the slight bend. Dropped into the reentrant and checked off the upper rock faces. Then freaked out when I saw a pretty substantial bridge that wasn't on the map. Hesitated then continued into the control.
14. Contoured which took me further right of the line than I intended, but didn't really cost any time. Straight N after crossing the first road.
F. The "open with scattered trees" was actually pretty thick young growth, so I went SE out to the road.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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