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Race Evaluation

SLOC - Meramec State Park: Red


1. Hesitated
Took path from parking area at start to the picnic area and then road around to boat ramp parking. Trail from boat ramp parking to larger clearing, then direct to control. Had trouble finding trail from boat ramp and ended up crashing through some heavier veg.
2. Bad distance judgement
Ran down from 1 and went a little too far east. Had to relocate off the pond.
3. Did not follow plan
I tried runnng the redline. Changed mind in the hatched green area and went a bit south. Bank on farside of creek was very steep (didn't notice on the map while running. Had to find a place to get up the bank. Should have stuck to plan and gone in just north of control.
4. Hesitated
North of red line. Stayed in good contact with the map. I was starting to think I'd overrun when I hit the clearings to the SE of the circle. I stopped 4 times on this leg to stay in contact. Never saw the mapped trail.
5. +01:20Angled south to try an hit trail. Never saw it. Decided to go to creek and hit it just before the westernmost rockface. Decided to cross over to the white area. Lots of small trees and cedar have grown up and there was a fair amount of dead fall. Could maintain a decent pace. Stopped twice to check features againt map. Had trouble at the control getting through some thornes.
6. More thorns. found trail directly to pond.
7. Lots of rocks. First big climb. Contoured around large clear area over to stream. Then angled up to the ridge. got a little worried because it took longer to reach the power lines than I'd expected. Only way to do this one better is to get fastser on the hills.
8. +00:20The footing on the hillside was really bad so angled to the top of the ridge. Caught the path and dropped down on the control from above. Overran it by about 20 meters.
9. +01:00Both shoes were untied. Stopped to tie then up and over the saddle and came directly down the spur.
10. +01:30east from 9 to near tip of spur then dropped down from south. Thought I was looking for a rock face and went about 50m to far west of control. Checked clue and then straight to control.
11. Tired
Went a little west of red line to avoid some climb and to use a less steep ascent. Started to cramp on the downhill side. Feet, ankles, and calves were taking a beating from the loose large rocks covered by leaves. Had to slow down. Buckley passed me goiing up to the control, Frei came into the control right behind me.
12. Tired
Tried to keep David's pace but calves started cramping so had to back off again. I took a better route to control than he did though 'cuz I made up a lot of ground even at a slow pace. Dave stayed close to the reentrant where it was really rocky, I went about 30m east and parallelled the reent down to the control.
13. Tired
Calves were really cramping up so had to move at a normal walking speed. Angled south of red line to the road and came out just about where the junction to the first structure is. Then straight to control. Crossed creek and hit control from above. The terrain was very rocky, but open. Should have been much faster.
14. Tired
Cut up northeast to road, then cut thru the med and light green down to the visitor center and used the mowed path over to 14. Again couldn't move fast and this was wide open very fast terrain.
F. Tired
North to 185 and along the road then back in to finish. Again, very fast leg but had to go slow, especially across the creek.

Total Time Lost - 00:22:00

Split Analysis

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