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Race Evaluation

DVOA - Ridley Creek: Green


1. ran past the road i wanted as it didn't look like a road but figured it out fast
3. Did not read control description
found another ruin/rocks that wasn't on the map so got a little confused
4. No attack point
Not thinking clearly
5. Did not plan ahead
Took a chance
Bad distance judgement
really had to go to the bathroom so had to take a detour to do that. Then cut through some green to get to another path and that was slow going. Then ran alone a trail that was a bit over grown and there were quite a few people on it so had to slow down to try and get around them. and then bad distance judgment going into the control.
7. Bad compass work
Ended up zig zaging in the green so probably should have used my compass better.
8. Bad route choice
Bad distance judgement
went out of 7 the wrong direction (too far left) and then zig zaged on the trails a bit as i really didn't want to go through more green although i think i should have. Then thought i went down the trail too far but actually hadn't gone far enough to see the control.
9. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Did not read control description
Didn't really plan ahead that well here. however i think my route was fine. Once i got on the first road i was in "cruse control" and was able to keep a steady pace which was nice. Hit a little high though when i cut in.
11. Read map too late
Bad map reading
Went out of 10 i'm guessing a little to far to the left and never found the white opening. So got stuck in some bad thorns that really hurt and ended up cutting into the field much higher than i though. also cut in to soon to the control.
F. nice strong run into the finish. Was a little sad i had that much energy left, meant i could have run the roads a little faster but oh well

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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