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Race Evaluation

OOC Kingsmere: Short advanced


1. Straight fast run S down pavement then 250m on Trans Canada Trail then fork left the S off trail up hill beside pond and I caught Richard at control.
2. +05:00W down & up valley to trail the S then SW but I went off trail to parallel in woods far too early, backtracked short of control again, back through woods, back out on to trail, ran trail long way and backed to Richard walking away from control. The control was hidden in deep pit below ground level.
3. NW from control then along ridge though I did stop too long on high point of ridge to look at map when I already should have known to proceed down to lower high point. This is as fast as I can orienteer w/o trails.
4. S on TCTrail 350m then N on parkway & shot off along dead stone fence, I noticed others headed for stone fence but never saw them again.
5. Back to parkway and up steep stream bed to control.
6. +08:00W across parkway to catch trail N then shot off at end of lake but I wandered too long among familiar looking boulders.
7. Leg from hell, this is the slowest leg in the history of all orienteering, longer than the other nine legs combined. Richard eventually showed up & mentioned the tortoise and the hare. Eventually five us had a grid going to cover whole area. I quit heading N across stream to trail and headed for #8. Saw Rick coming across beaver dam & confirmed #7 did exist. Shot back across beaver dam w/ Lester. Found ourselves in familiar patch. Quit again & headed back to beaver dam when Lester yelled someone found control. Based on beaver dams on map, I suspect a misplacement of control by 140m W.
8. The rest was race of four and then only three across beaver dam, SW on trail to stream, W bearing, cross parkway. I swept N of others but saw them punch.
9. Down and up the valley, cross the old road bed passing strewn junk, trip over GREEN to cross beaver dam, more green on way to stone wall and over.
F. I put my head down for a sprint but there was nothing left in the tank. Some old fart on shorter course was bent on beating me to finish punch.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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