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Race Evaluation

BKO Bloom Wood: Brown


1. Actually thought got into the map and scale quite well, but despite this still messed up the first control by heading due east on the ride rather than the path. Being into the map meant I recovered well!
2. Nicely done - slight farther than expected.
3. I must have just missed this, but caught myself on the intermittent path 50m further on and then tracked back.
4. Straight down to the road then round the edge of the hill rather than over the top. Track running gave me chance to read ahead.
5. Very happy with this: ran almost exactly to plan - slightly north of the purple line then round the track and in diagonally at the second junction to nail it.
6. Decided to avoid the green and went north, cutting in through a clearing. Nice again.
7. Contoured round and then dropped in below the nettles. Really in touch with the map at this point. Saw a lot of people climbing back out of the control which spurred me on to take them.
8. Caught my first target at #8.
9. Fast and straight to #9 for the map turn-over, passing two more. Hadn't looked ahead at this stage.
10. Perhaps a little far east to get to #10, but found it quickly anyway.
11. Due west through the green I'd avoided before, to pick up a path which led me fast to the area round #5 where I'd been before. Similar approach and spiked it.
12. I contoured back to the main track round the green, then dropped down the ride. Really nice leg.
13. Back up to the ride, made incoherent conversation with another runner, then cut north from the ride junction (south) through the woods to spike it. Slowed perhaps unnecessarily on the approach, but better safe than sorry.
14. First major mistake here. Decided to head north to avoid the brambles and attack from the tracks. Either I missed the junction or the track wasn't as distinct as mapped. Ended up thinking I'd over-run, cut further south of the bearing I should have taken and ended up on a control about 100m south of where I should be. Very fortunate to see another runner on my course dropping in to it as I tried to re-locate.
15. Contoured across, missed it while looking at the map and over-ran by 25m and hit the diagonal track safety feature.
16. Contoured through fast and caught my final target here.
17. North to the track, and down to the road. Should have gone north west down but no matter. Good bearing up the other side.
18. Starting to fade here, feeling hungry. I don't recall getting here, but Colin D caught us…
19. … and led me (feeling tired) too straight down the hill rather than on the bearing. Had to re-locate about 50-100m north.
20. Contour across. Nothing of note. Tired.
21. This felt long. Cut across the open and up round a thicket which seemed bigger than expected leading me to a steeper climb. Made up time once level.
22. On auto-pilot now. Ran slightly off the bearing, but recovered and got the control with no issue.
23. Running on empty, didn't even realise that the control was in the open! Should have spotted that and then put the feet down harder.
F. Could barely muster a sprint in. Very pleased with the overall run - just felt the long ride from yesterday.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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