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Race Evaluation

OCIN Camp Friedlander: Green


3. Bad route choice
tried to save time by shortcutting straight up the hill through the green. This green was really slow & also meant I had to give up a contour before climbing again.
4. used trails just right of the line (at night, I stayed farther right to the road). I think the right choice was the safer one for night. The shorter route I took by day was both more mental (trail junctions & turns) and more physical (a couple 1-contour dips). I think it was slightly faster than the right-side route, but riskier.
5. daylight helped and I took more direct routes to 5 and 6 than at night.
8. took the "wide left" field route.
9. through the woods again, but more direct than at night.
10. south and slightly southwest thru woods down the hill to the back side of the castle, then a fairly flat open run. knew where to find teh control, but still don't like how its mapped.
11. Tired
climbing the hill seemed like a lot more work than last night.
12. Tired
13. +00:15still stayed too far right, unmapped clump of green on the line tends to force the runner right. Picking up controls later, I decided that left was better.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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