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Race Evaluation

SLOC Turkey O: 3 hour - BL


1. +00:20Traffic jam at control.
2. Hesitated
My route was fast. Hesitated at the gap in the cliff for just a few seconds studying the route. The control wasn't located as marked on the master. Rick says in his log that some of the masters were mis-marked. Spent time double checking my location and then had to search for the control.
3. +00:45Burned some time keeping my feet dry.
4. +03:30Ran with Jeff and Carrie for a little bit. Had some trouble finding the trail at first. Lots of deadfall. Briars at the beginning. 3 potential routes for this leg. If the trail north of the creek was clear of deadfall and thorns, it might have been faster. Had to stop a few times for map reading.
5. +02:00#22: Went past the control about 100m. J & C caught up with me here. I'm not sure this bag was located properly.
6. +01:00#4: J & C went up the trail into the dark green. I went west into the reentrant and over the saddle to avoid some climb. Went straight to the control. Woods were clearer than the indicated med green. Stopped a couple times for map reading. Didn't see J&C again.
7. +01:00#3: Some open woods!! But again, more stops for map reading. Took the climb out of #4 pretty easy.
8. #14: No problems. Knoll was visible from the trail.
9. +05:00#15: Had I gone from #3 to #15 I might have gotten lucky and stumbled on the misplaced control. But going from 14 to 15, I was south of the actual bag placement. No punch on the control.
10. Did not follow plan
Took a chance
Bad map reading
#30: Started off ok. Trail was pretty fast, but some overgrown spots. Found the bench mark. Went too far south, then turned left when I should have gone right. LOTS of thorns. Relocated at the creek bend across from rocks and cliffs. Back thru the thornes.... An easy 8 minutes, maybe more.
11. No attack point
Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Lacked concentration
#39. I sucked on this one. Lousy map reading, not reading features. Didn't follow my plan. Poor attack point. At least I didn't wander aimlessly. I caught the first error pretty quickly, relocated and headed for the control. From the SE, there wasn't much of an attack point and the control was pretty close to ground level. Blew right past about 50m to the SW. Caught my self and backtracked. Studied map, snack, refocus. Decided to find original attack point but found my secondary a.p. and went straight to control. Saw Ken D. hunting for the control so ducked quickly out of sight....
12. #36: Couple of stops for map reading. Trying to do better at focussing on the map and the terrain. Spiked the control.
13. #37: Another spike. Moving slower to try and continue focus on map.
14. #38: I knew I wasn't going to have time for the first set of controls on the west part of the map, so slowed down and did more feature reading and control selection on this leg. First extended climb that I remember on the course. #5 and #17 had short but steep climbs. Met Rudy going into the control.
15. #31: Talked a minute with Rudy and we decided to run the last few controls together. Put some energy back into my game and I think we pushed each other a little. We went up the wrong creek for a little but we caught it quickly and it probably didn't hurt us timewise.
16. #24: No problems.
17. #12: Rudy crossed the trail and redlined it. I took the trail and ran the ridge to the control. My route was faster by a minute or so...
18. +01:00#13: Rudy ran directly to the cliff edge right above the control and found an easy route down to the control. I went down the reentrant to the east and along the cliff base. Rudy was faster by a minute or so....
19. #1: Started up and over the spur to #2 but decided that might not have enough time, so blasted down the reentrant to number 1.
F. I ran in, Rudy went to #6 (which I already had). Probably would have had time to get #2. Ran full speed into a briar vine right at the edge of the woods. Caught me across the quads and hips....

Total Time Lost - 00:44:05

Split Analysis

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