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Race Evaluation

LTU Cup day 1: H21E


1. tries to get used to the scale
2. +02:00apparently didn't do good job on the 1 CP. bad map reading and I'm totally lost.. was caught by the guy who left after 2'
3. saw him somewhere in front, but he was way too fast - he was in top 3 that day i think...
5. +01:00not bad route choice, had to guess, road was not on the map but path was still in good quality. little bit of confusion on CP area..
7. was a bit too cautious. luckily didn't tale double.. :)
9. extremely long run.. not bad I think, of course lost a lot of time on low running speed.
10. spotted few mistakes in map drawing..
12. ran around on roads, was a bit cold in wind but time was OK I think..
15. very slowly, hard to read map in this scale with so many features..
17. +00:20wrong direction in the middle.. but still managed to tie down.
19. could be wrong route choice.. ran straight through the forest
20. on the road..tired..
23. +00:15wrong route choice, lost to a girl..
F. completely exhausted.. should have eaten gel at last third..

Total Time Lost - 00:03:35

Split Analysis

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