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Race Evaluation

ICO Camp Belzer: Brown


1. pretty easy straight across the field, but a little hesitant spotting the control. description was "knoll", but it was actually a little hidden on the back side of the knoll. There also seemed to be more, perhaps 3 total small knolls, although I'd have to take a close look at the mapping. I believe I originally mapped this area in '98, and I'm certainly a better mapper now than I was then, and ity may have been updated... this small map has quite a motley collection of mappers.
2. clean, just climb the hill.
3. another easy leg, but again a significvant hill to climb.
4. cross the creek and climb the hill.
5. Confused parallel features
over-ran my attackpoint (2nd ditch at path). On the re-run, I noticed that the first ditch is not particularly noticeable. I caught the mnistake pretty quick and ended up making a 90 degree turn for 70 or 80 meters instead of a 45 or 50 degree angle from the trail.
6. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
ran past the control to the right. I'm not completely satisfied with either the mapping in this area or the bag placement. It is definitely farther both in distance and downbslope from the trail than mapped. Still, if I'd made a more cautious approach, I should have seen it a lot sooner.
7. Ran too fast
I'm calling this "ran too fast" as in not taking a close enough look at the map. I'm still not completely sure how well the man-made features: buildings and paths, align with reality. I think this part of the map probably is just slightly off (this is not a part I worked on)
F. path, across the parking lot, jump the drift of plowed snow...

Total Time Lost - 00:02:25

Split Analysis

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