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Race Evaluation

OSC '9' night O champs: H21A


1. +01:00direction towards start point was blocked and hard to reach :), started slowly, not bad idea. tried to get used to to map (didn't happen until the very end :)) mixed roads not really bad mistake if to compare to the whole course..
2. tried to read elevation, didn't work at all.. luckily saw a road, no mistake..
3. tried to get into the open on the left, wrong direction got into the road on the right.. not bad anyway.
4. straight, very risky, but got into CP :)
5. +04:45looked like very easy CP, no chance to read relief. so just wandering around..
6. almost ok split..
7. tried to keep direction, worked this time
8. +02:00looked easy, except that couldn't find swamp, again no negative elevation
9. +02:30still didn't used lessons learned and tried to go straight, didn't work got into the road further, came back, loop around..
10. +00:10direction only, saw some elevation, but either it was wrong drawn or I read it wrong.
11. direction, slippery and risky CP.
12. very short, saw a CP
13. +02:00had a good object, but it didn't work..
14. saw Rimkus coming into previous CP.. carefully, no mistake
15. saw Rimkus coming into previous CP. met Gipas later, he ran straight I tried to use path.he took CP first
16. +01:15used open field, lost in CP area..
17. risky running straight.. lucky.
18. road around.
19. +00:30used roads as much as possible. tired
20. +03:30wrong direction, got into a road, ran around, met farther.
21. met Maliusionis, he was 7' in front of me!
22. +01:30around, using a road. whole forest was flat, but this place had no elevation what so ever.. and I had to find CP! :)
23. yes, no mistake :)
24. roads.
25. good run keeping direction.. had somebody chasing me..
26. won this split by 45" yes! just used road, met Sandra in the CP
27. won this split by 15" roads again.
28. nice and short..
29. at last the last one :)
F. yes, I've done it.. was tired as hell. many mistakes but still happy to come back!

Total Time Lost - 00:19:10

Split Analysis

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