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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Red


1. Ran trail to junction, then west
2. nnw to big trail, then eventually trail through green to big marsh. Took the shorter trail around, which involved a rocky slow descent. Was uncertain which way to go once I got to the bottom. Lost time here.
3. Avoided the rocky climb, taking the trail to the north, leaving it at the NE corner of the marsh.
4. Trail, into woods after rocky knoll
5. S on trail, cutting across nose (over an orange control), Then cutting the next corner a little. E from junction, reaching N edge of circle, stopping & seeing top part of control to my right.
6. straight, more or less
7. ugh. Kinda straight, going up after cliff and expecting to see the control. Wandered a bit. In hindsight, expected outcome of a poor plan.
8. mostly straight
9. crossed big reentrant as soon as I could, then a straight shot. Green wasn't bad.
11. SE to road, then on a bearing after the scrubby stuff after the junction. Met Phil coming from the other direction.
12. mostly straight, leaving the trail at the big reentrant before the trail turned S.
13. Pretty much straight. Hit the pond to the W of the line and corrected, coming up the green reentrant and spotting the control after I crested.
14. yuck. Was diverted by green. Hit what I thought at the time was the marsh to the SW of #13, but in hindsight was too small & the wrong shape. Probably hit it later. In my confusion, wandered around a pond E of the control. Didn't have a good relocation plan. Lucky to find the control.
15. N along ridge to marsh, around & up to control.
16. Run, run, run!
17. nnw, keeping wall in sight. slow up the other side of the big reentrant
F. nw to avoid a little climb. after passing little pond, cut w and picked up trail. Early on, a nerve in my butt caused me pain -- limped in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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