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Race Evaluation

VLN night O Thursday 9 tour: H21A


1. saw 23.. and running to 23 found 1st awesome..
2. paths and saw cp from a distance
3. not bad, a bit slowly
4. +01:30first mistake... I'm absolutely positive I missed cp by some 5 meters!
5. slow walking uphill through the green.. very crazy and unfriendly terrain.
6. +00:45long stop in co area. it was not clear at all and cp reflection was probably blocked by trees
7. I think cp was higher..
8. used path a little, cp was hidden, but I saw it from a side
9. +01:30simple as hell. but small problems with paths and not sure direction..
10. +00:45again, crazy cp. small mistake if compare to others :) saw Sandra somewhere far.
11. straight trying to leave Sandra in the back (she was still few hundred meters away)
12. +01:30strange cp. walked around a lot
13. straight, a bit risky, but very short..
14. used roads..
15. +00:45wandering around, no clear objects
16. very short, direction only..
17. old and familiar cp location :D was still running with Sandra, also one veteran joined us, so i was leading a train of 3 people :DDD
18. roads, nothing special
19. roads again, saw cp from a distance
20. everything looked fine, but slowed down and Sandra took it first
21. up the hill
22. +00:30tried to bypass Sandra cutting through the forest, but didn't work :) also hit left knee into something. nothing bad, but uncomfortable.
23. +00:45slowed down, Sandra left me and made a small mistake at the last part, hit cp number one on the way :)
24. slowly..
F. was tired, good workout. too many mistakes..

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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