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Race Evaluation

QOC: Manassas: Red


1. +00:20I ran across the field at a good pace and could see the control circle area from far off. I wanted to come in from the right where it was more open. I had been reading ahead on the course so I didn't see that the fence extended further than would be opportune to go around. Some other orienteers were stopped too short as well so they drew me off. I eventually went around to the left.
2. I went north through the narrow rough open and cut through the woods across a little of the deadfall to reach the trail. Last years I had learned not to go straight through and backed out to go around to the left. I stayed on the trail this time and cut left just before the out of bounds area to approach the control from the right, through the deadfall.
3. Leaving #2, I went right of the line to get around the unmapped deadfall. I started feeling odd hear. It was a cross between being out of breath and almost dizzy weak. I don't recall feeling this before; maybe its just that I forgot what it's like to push a bit... I slowed. In this state, I read the contours wrong and started getting too far right. I realized that what I thought was up was really down so I was able to correct quickly and follow the valley to the control. It would have been nice to have remembered my control description holder. I kept having to use the one on the back of the map.
4. I went around to the left to use the open and the trail. After passing the pond, I cut right and headed right there. I could see the control from far away so it was probably harder for Tim to set the control than for me to find it. I don't recall seeing an earthwall. I was thinking it was on a dot knoll but I'm not sure what I saw now.
5. I aimed a bit to the right and didn't recognize that the rough open was missing from the map until I got close to the forest edge.
6. I ran a bit right to get around some deadfall and emerged in the field. Recognizing this as more missing rough open, I used the vegetation boundary to go to the south corner, then got on the trail. After crossing the second bridge, I cut right and saw it from far off. It seemed nearer than I expected.
7. +01:30I thought to run the ridge to the trail but decided to chance the forest along a straighter path to it instead. Once on the trail, I was hesitant about the trail bends. At a big recognizable bend, I went straight to chop off a kink in the trail. I must have gotten on something else, perhaps the ridge taking me to #17 but I don't think my compass supported this. I followed what I thought was the trail but it disappeared on me after a bend. I ran rough compass and eventually popped-out in more rough open that wasn't printed on the map. I figured I was too near the power lines so I adjusted my bearing again. In the green woods, it was runnable. I soon relocated at the large gully between #7 and #10.
8. I went straight but could tell that I was getting to the right a bit; pushed by the vegetation. I don't recall crossing a broken stone wall. I adjusted left a bit and found it just before someone else who'd come from the rough open power line cut.
9. I went straightish but was hesitant.
10. I was hesitant going straight because I expected to be able to see it.
11. I followed the edge of the green to the rough open. Passing the 3 distinct trees, I cut left to follow a narrow line of trees. I stayed just south of it instead of taking a straighter line since the running was easier there--I remember the thorns from the year before. At the east end of the rough open I crossed the streams and cut south to get around unmapped deadfall. I could hear the cars and knew I was too far south when I crossed the next ridge. I followed the stream north a bit to the control.
12. Fairly straight with a slight hesitation or two.
13. Out to the fields and along the trail. I cut in toward the stream at a big reentrant before the control because the area along the banks looked runable.
14. I hopped the swollen stream without getting my first foot wet but my other foot caught the small splash left by the first. I went around the row of trees on the west side. Perhaps going around to the right would have been quicker.
15. +00:30Crossing the field, I kept checking my compass. I took a longer interval to run better then noticed that I was on the wrong bearing. I adjusted left but felt this was wrong--maybe there is an iron deposit here somewhere. Crossing the line of trees and getting over the fence where a tree fell on it, I didn't find the control. I adjusted going north along the stream and found it where I was headed to originally when in the field.
16. I got confused by the field edges and missing rough open. I got too far north but corrected and hit the control well.
17. I ran straightish but slowed a bunch to read the map. I should have planned an easier route sucn as planning to use the trail, ride and broken fence as handrails. I found unmapped rides before the trail crossing but got on the correct one somehow. It lead me to the control.
18. I hopped the stream a bit much having not planned the route out at the start of the leg. Eventually I went around the ridge on the north side. Going over it would have been quicker. I wasn't sure which side of the stream the control would be and found myself on the wrong side as I followed downward. I used a tree to stay dry.
19. I went straight but was hesitant going over the ridge. I noticed that many went out to the road but perhaps they were on another course.
F. I picked up the pace but was worried about pulling something.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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