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Race Evaluation

VLN night O Thursday 10 tour: H21A


1. some confusion: didn't see the starting point..
2. +00:40missed object by a meter i guess..
3. +01:45crazy terrain, no clear features.. and cp in between dense cover..
4. +01:30more paths than on the map.. big circle..
5. +07:30biggest mistake.. had a tail on my back.. wrong direction and bad map reading..
6. again problems with direction. not big though.
7. no mistake! saw object first than CP
8. complicated location..
9. +00:30wrong direction through the forest.. small loop around
10. direction again.. need to work on that..
11. decided to use road.. too slow though.. felt very tired..
12. first part on the road, second, luckilly no prblems. some guys did 7' of mistakes..
13. no problems.. could read the terrain.
14. nice! saw cp from a distance.
15. ran too low, also problems with extra roads in the terrain..
16. many changes in the terrain, saw cp from a distance
17. roads, raised speed.
18. straight, full speed
19. road, high speed
F. quite unsuccesfull race.. out of shape.. kinda no motivation..

Total Time Lost - 00:11:55

Split Analysis

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