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Race Evaluation

ROC - Ski-O at Harriet Hollister Park: Blue


1. control in wrong location
5. map exchange in wrong location
6. control circle in wrong location on map (not drawn on trail)
7. control in wrong location
11. I went all the way back past the #5 map exchange, in order to stay on skatable track. Probably not as fast as running the road. I failed to take note of the 20m hill climb at end of this route.
12. Very confused over where #11 control was. Eventually figured out I was supposed to be punching at map exchanges even though they don't have control codes.
13. Haven't I already visited this control?
15. Stopped on the way to punch in at #5 map exchange. (Ahh... so that's why my punch card is blank in box #6 !) Picked up a snowshoe trail through the woods between 5 and 15.
16. Caught and passed Pavel climbing the 20m hill approaching the control. Hmm, and he ended up beating me by over 10 mins... I guess I lost a lot of time earlier in the course...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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