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Race Evaluation

OOC Kingsmere: Short advanced


1. With so much of the park closed to skiing after the freezing rain, it was nice to have the trails for just me and my snowshoes. In the distance, I saw only two hard-core skiiers. There was a trade off of conditions. The crust on the snow provided full flotation. However, I had to micro-navigate pools of meltwater everywhere.
2. I feel better about locating #2 this time. Rather than W to trails from #1, S to lake.
3. However, I messed up #3 just as I did last time on the map, driting S. Next time, I'll retrace towards #1 and probably hook up on TCT.
5. Pile of rocks are hidden under snow.
6. I stuck to lake shore. Should run this faster next time.
7. I drifted a bit too far S of lake but got on to cliff fine.
8. I was CAREFUL leaving #7 across beaver dam. Ran farther S on trail and had much easier W to parkway, cross, then use pond/marsh but I need to take bearing off cliff N of pond/marsh.
9. W, uphill, down to cross stream, over old road, through GREEN and then used beachlike run around the point, S then N. However, stone pile is not discernible in snow. Next time I'll shoot off fence E of stones.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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