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Race Evaluation

QOC: South Fork: Blue


1. With Jan Merka starting near behind me, I figured that I'd have to be accurate and quick to stay ahead. I took me a little bit to locate #1 on the map when I started and I has expected to be going down the ride instead of the trail. I took off down the trail and cut left before reaching the bottom. I climbed up the reentrant backdooring the control.
2. Down the way I came up, I ran the valley, then popped up just before the reentrant with the control.
3. I climbed to run the ridge. Tiring at first, it was nice once I got up. It was easy from there.
4. +00:10Back the way I came, I eventually contoured to the right reading the convex shape of the hillside before sighting the right reetrant. I followed the reentrant up from there along the right side and at the right height, I looked left to see it. I should have run the left side of the reentrant.
5. Up to the ride, I counted reentrants to the correct one. As I left the ride, a pair of adventure racers were coming up. The control was further down than I though it'd be but that's just because I had not read the map closely enough beforehand.
6. +00:25Back up the reentrant to the ride, I went along it past #4 which was easily visible. Cutting across toward the road, I saw Jan hunting for #4. At the road, I hesitated thinking again about cutting across the woods but ultimately decided on my original plan which was to go down the road. It was fast. Once down, I cut right. I got a little confused by the first stream. I was expecting to go along the main creek before coming across the smaller one--again I hadn't read teh map well enough. Once I'd realized this and crossed, I sited the ridge with the saddle. I ran along it a way before angling up it. It was too steep to run across efficiently so I climbed higher eventually skirting the top. I had expected the control to be on the saddle past this--again I hadn't read the map well enough (the control description being wrong, a knoll, didn't fool me because I hadn't read it). I descended to the control while someone else was climbing up the reentrant toward it. I got there first.
7. +00:15Down from the saddle, I opted to go around the next ridge. On the flats, I got disoriented and paused before the road. Back on track, I ran up the road, then up the valley. Before getting to the control, I sighted Bjorn Johanson, converging behind me from the Red course. Time lost is for the pause.
8. Back down the valley the way I had come, Bjorn was closing on me. After the second creek crossing, I hesitated to cut left; across the creek again and over the ridge to the control. I think this put some more distance between myself and Bjorn.
9. I followed the reentrant up, looking for the white woods only they weren't as white as mapped. I got a bit too far to the right, almost hugging the drop to the next valley. I started thinking that going back up the vallley that I'd taken to #7 would be better. After counting reentrants on my left, I cut over and descended just below the control, near where others were hunting. I got there first. While I drank, Bjorn and others caught up.
10. +00:15I didn't read this leg well before taking off. Bjorn got out a few steps ahead of me and on my right. We both crossed the small reentrants and got on top of the ridge with the intermitant trail. I saw it and thought I'd recognized a trail bend to my right. I adjusted my bearing to the left. I think Bjorn hesitated as I did this before going straight. Soon, I'd almost converged with the intermittant trail again as it bent right; it took me a few more seconds before I realized it wasn't an unmapped ditch. I corrected going more sharply to the right and picking up speed so as not to let Bjorn get there ahead of me and was successful.
11. +01:00I got out quick and headed to the reentrant pointing toward the control. Once up, I hugged the ridge to the right too much. I got above the control, drawn further by what appeared from a distance to be some gullies. After getting to them and realizing they weren't, I doubled down where others were. I could see Bjorn leaving.
12. I chased Bjorn up across the first ridge then got into the vague, light greenish area. I noted crossing the intermitant trail, then paused seeing Bjorn stop ahead. Looking around I saw water bottles to my right and took off, getting there first.
13. Bjorn and I left on slightly different tracks; going somewhat parallel, he was on my left. I could remember having made errors in this area previously; probably due to the subtle contours and lack of features. After the first ridge, I remember using a reentrant junction to try to know where I was. After crossing the last ridge, I cut right. At least one person was ahead and several others were coming back the other way. I figured they were from an Orange course going the other way but in retrospect, they were on Green and going toward my #14. It seemed farther down the reentrant than I thought it'd be but I got there. I could still feel Bjorn's presence.
14. Back up the reentrant the way I'd come, I chased a line of other orienteers. I stayed higher for better running but dropped lowere where downfall posed an obstacle. I wasn't gained slowly on the young orienteers ahead of me. Before the reentrant ran out, I rechecked my map and realized that the control was over the ridge to my left. The younger orienteers had already made that decision when I looked up--this surprised me too since the turn was not easily seen. Several people were converging at the end.
15. The kids ahead of me at #14 were out fast and I heard them say to each other that they just needed to follow the stream--exactly what I needed to do too. I hoped to pass them but they ran with good speed on the right side of the stream. I could still hear Bjorn somewhere behind me. I crossed over to the left side when the right side got steeper. This got me ahead since the running was better. I crossed the converging stream without much hesitation and knew Bjorn was still close behind. I went straight but later cut right and contoured to the control.
16. I dropped down quickly and once again crossed a stream without hesitation. Instead of going over to the right where it was greener but there was a trail, I used a reentrant until it finished, then cut right. I was only on the trail a short way before recognizing the reentrant to my right. I decended that and got over the fallen tree before seeing the control. I think Bjorn was still not far behind.
17. Out to the trail, I ran up it. I felt I wasn't generating much speed. It also seemed longer than anticipated. Upon hitting the streamers and recognizing it as an out-of-bounds area, I wondered why it didn't show up as yellow on the map. I started to put some distance on Bjorn and planned ahead hoping to be able to make my route at the trail intersection without him seeing which way I went. I went straight and down the hill to a flat valley. After a little way, I saw a few people there at a control; probably the cairn. I picked the correct valley heading northward and a bit to the right. I was uncertain were I should cut right and cross the road but picked the right spot. Dropping into the next valley, I used the stream for a handrail as I climbed out the other side. Everything matched what I expected when I cut north up the next reentrant and dropped into the final one. This was some nice terrain to run in. I look forward to being able to run stuff like this faster in the months ahead.
18. I didn't know where Bjorn was. In a rush to make sure he wouldn't catch me, I didn't initially notice that the next control was low at the stream junction. I ran the high route on the right side of the creek. In retrospect, the flat left side would have been faster. A couple was punching when I got there but they moved over to let me punch.
19. Up the spur to the road, I didn't feel like I was moving very well. Once on the road, I could see a kid ahead walking. He noticed me coming and picked it up. I saw the control over 100m away and as I approached, I also saw Max's bright orange coat. He was with Dasa and Alex; doing the White course. They saw me coming. I tapped Max's head, punched and went on, punching just ahead of a much older man.
F. +00:05I just took off for the finish, not reading the map and seeing the trail. I got to the epunch table and looked around for the finish punch. I hadn't earlier seen the horse with the punch nearer to the start triangle so I lost a few seconds here. The older man at the Go control was approaching after I punched. This was a fun course (good job Valerie!). The navigation was not very hard in areas, given the open woods and steepness of some of the terrain. There were some dog legs but this is fine for local meets. It made some parts feel like a sprint and let one see the competition.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:10

Split Analysis

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