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Race Evaluation

BAOC Presidio Local Event: Long Orange


2. Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Unused to map
Getting used to map.
3. Did not like map
Uncrossable fence mapped as crossable, had to change plan to go around when I got there.
4. Bad route choice
Trails probably faster, but it was good to get a little bit of practice off-trail.
5. Bad map reading
6. Unused to map
Reading ahead - had to slow down to check legend to understand the freeway mapping to plan route from 6 to 7.
7. Did not like map
Disturbed by others
Map was bad. Large reentrant is mapped poorly and side reentrant doesn't show. Barking dog here was annoying.
9. Bad distance judgement
Hoping to use vegetation features to locate. Wasn't mapped well enough. Should have pace counted instead to avoid overshoot.
11. Hesitated

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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