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Race Evaluation

West Point: Blue 2


1. +00:15Down the trail. Took wrong turn at the split. Quickly corrected. Took trail to dam, around lake on small trail to far end of lake, through the holly to control.
2. +00:20Out to trail. Down trail to little reentrant. Control was higher than expected.
3. Straight. Used bare rock as attack point.
4. Down to trail. along trail to field, across field
5. Another blue runner ahead of me. He took low route while I stayed higher. I Contoured around, over spur. Down to control.
6. +08:30Contoured to trail, down trail to bend, cut over to road angling down hill. Hit the road junction. Ran up road to highest point then cut into woods. There were a lot of other controls near ours (just short). There were a lot of ledges with rock on it. Couldn't tell which was which. Apparently I was a ledge above the control and couldn't see the control. Hesitantly went on. Finally hit stream and went back to control.
7. +02:00High to marsh, up reentrant (finally some non rocky ground). At top of reentrant went to far right and ended up at major knoll to the north.
8. Left around swamp. Slow going into control.
10. Around swamp across trail and across marsh. Up and over hill. Map isn't right here. Control was less then one contour below hill. Didn't slow me down any.
11. Since we were already at top of hill, I took the high route. Up ridge, down trail. Could see bare rock so new where to cut over.
12. +02:00Straight. Hit first swamp. Couldn't find second swamp on map so I turned left at swamp to end. No control. so I went the other way on swamp to control by boulder. Then went on bingo search through rocky holly field. Eventually found it.
13. +05:00Trail to second swamp. Up swamp to control. Control wasn't mine. Checked next reentrant, no control, checked previous reentrant, no control. Went lower to another control. Could see road and went back up and this time my control was there?????
14. Been to this area boulder at previous meet.
15. +03:00I was by water. Control was by water. I thought there was a ridge between. I decided take roadl over ridge. Started down road then realized it was all down hill. Left road and angled down hill to flatter area. Total area was rocky. Slow running even after hitting flatter area. Definitely poor route choice. Not that it mattered, but control was in wrong spot, on wrong side of trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:21:05

Split Analysis

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