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Race Evaluation

West Point: Blue 2


1. Was about a minute or so late to the start, and just said t hell with it, grabbed my map, and took off. Across the dam, top of ridgeline.
2. Basically straight.
3. Contoured around to the left.
5. A little bit left of the line; felt like I was the second white man ever to cross this hillside. Paused at the forked reentrant to the NE, but mostly tried to navigate by looking for the bend in the dirt road way down below.
6. The higher route, uphill at the paved road fork, took the small trail on the NW side of the ridge, read the detail well, and came at it from above.
7. Straight, Neil Dobbs catches up.
8. Through the indistinct marsh, and left around the green stuff.
9. Left around the rock, then a bit too far right and hit the marsh about 150 m too far east. No problem correcting.
10. Went through the tip of the marsh, maybe that could have been better. Neil disappears up ahead.
11. Bad map reading
Spent almost a minute drinking and looking at the map. Leaving the control, I heard my name off to the right, and saw Neil standing still in a running position. I looked at him for a moment, then asked if he was okay. "Concertina wire!" came the reply. He was in pretty deep, and it took us about two minutes to get him free. (I deducted this time from my split.) Stayed left of the hilltop, then cut over and came out a little bit north of the control, but Neil wass there looking for it as well.
12. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Hook south around the green blob (not like it's the only green up there), and find the Red control first. Look at the cluesheet and see that I'm looking for "between two marshes", but I can't see the marshes on the map. Find one marsh in the terrain, but don't know which direction to go. Judy Dickinson cruises by and hollers out directions to the Red control, and I turn around and find the flag a few meters behind me. Neil catches up again.
13. Didn't look much like a reentrant that far up.
14. Hesitated
Didn't think the control on the knoll/cliff was the right one, but checked the code anyway.
15. Bad route choice
Out to the road, then headed downhill just to the right of the purple line. Made great time screaming down the hill, but then the area at the bottom (next to the stream that I was having a lot of trouble seeing on the map) was very rocky and slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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