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Race Evaluation

West Point: Green Y Day 2


2. +02:30Approached from flat area to E. I got to the gray blob and climbed, but then, distracted by others, turned right to check up the ridge before realizing I had to go further down (SW).
3. Climbed at an angle. Hit trail on top of ridge and attacked off the bend.
4. +04:30Thought I'd be smart and save climbing up and down so stayed a bit north of hills (along marsh), but when I got to the area near control, lost confidence and ended up relocating from the stream SE of marsh.
6. +02:30Took reentrant N of control instead of the one to the E; got messed up reading the green and the hills (was two reentrants too far west).
8. I went out to the intersection and ran the road to where the trail turned off north. Cut over to the BIG rock and skirted it to the S then climbed down the bit of cliff. Staying close to the big rock kept me from getting confused in all the smaller rock.
9. Contoured NE until close to the trail so I wouldn't miss it. When I could see others on the trail I picked up my speed (almost dangerously!).

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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