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Race Evaluation

West Point: RedY


1. around the road, cutting in just before small crags
2. +00:20up the hill from the track junction; a bit too high
3. straight
4. +00:30pretty well straight past bull pond to the road/track junction. left the track just before the crag,and started hunting too soon
5. contoured out to the road, then along the road to just beyond bend. I might have missed the flag if it wasn't for the squeals of delight of someone coming in the opposite direction. Thank you!
6. +02:00up to the marsh, through the col to the lower marsh, up onto the open hills . overshot a bit - saw the road
7. straight
8. contoured to the spur
9. +12:00along th eroad to the marsh with stream, up onto the hill where I started hunting crags far too low and far too green. Had to relocate off the craggy knoll near the road
10. down the E stream, then straight
11. over the hill and down bull pond rd to thetrack leading to scratchy open. not the best route.

Total Time Lost - 00:14:50

Split Analysis

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