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Race Evaluation

ÖSTM Long: H35 / H21L / H20E


1. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Oh Man, schocking route choice, although deliberate. And then struggled to find control because not concentrated.
2. Was OK, should have stayed higher.
3. No attack point
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Ran over on the contour, must have droped a bit, and then missed the track going to control and ran 50 - 100 m to far. Came back and found track.
4. Was OK
5. Bad route choice
Route choice, should have just stayed on the height over.
6. Ran too fast
OK except for a slight whoops in the middle of the leg. Cost about 30 s though.
7. Bad compass work
Good One, behind Wolfi
8. +01:30Unsure of my compass work here. Aimed hight, but didn't come out as high as planned, and then did not take the time to control. Result came down way to early.
9. ok
10. ok
11. ok
12. ok
13. Read map too late
Bad map reading
No real attack point or feature so was just lasy. Missed the control by 50 m.
14. +01:30Got stuck in the rubbish coming up to the road, so I guess my route choice was gaga.
15. Whissy Washy - saw the control from far away (luckily) because there were 2 ladies at it!
16. ok
17. Did not read control code
Not thinking clearly
Arg! Basic error, read control 19 on the description and so the numbers didn't match up - run around like an idiot for at least 1 min until I realised what I had done, then back to control. What a dunce.
18. ok
19. Tired
Just getting tired, so walked up the hills. Didin't go the direct route but stayed on the paths.
20. +00:30Very uncertain, and then couldn't see control in the gully. Hesitant as well. Getting just too hot and tired.
21. Hesitated
Got to the feature very quickly, but couldn't find control (it had been knocked over). Discovered it in the undergrowth. Frustrating.
22. ok
23. Tired
Lacked confidence
Tired and Hesitant.
24. Tired
Lacked confidence
Same as above. Not enough confidence either.
25. ok
26. ok
F. ok

Total Time Lost - 00:12:20

Split Analysis

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