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Race Evaluation

DVOA Tyler: Pink (aka Long White)


1. Zac started out a minute ahead of me. Zac was taunting me from the ridge on his way to #2. This helped me because up to this point I was planning a route to the right to the next control. Unfortunately the next control was to the left. I had inadvertently planned a route to control #8 instead of #2
2. No sign of Zac
3. No sign of Zac
4. As I rounded the corner into #4 Zac was leaving on his way to #5
5. No sign of Zac. Later found out Zac went west & I went east out of #5
6. Caught Zac leaving # 6 as I came in
7. +01:00Got tired and walked a little bit along an especially muddy portion of the trail. This time out of #6, I went north as Zac went east. Turns out he whomped me to this control
8. +00:30He ran much faster down the hill to #8 than I did,
9. +02:00I decided to take the scenic trail instead of the paved path like Zac did. My mind & legs wanted to take the paved path but my heart was set on the scenic trail. Cost me at least 2 minutes on Zac.
F. +00:30Tuckered out and after the spillway I went right while Zac went left"

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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