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Race Evaluation

SLOC Cliff Cave: Red


1. +00:40Fell 3 times. Contouring on west side of creek would be an interesting option. Will try it next time. Looked like pretty clean running.
2. Hesitated
Better than last time. Footing problems going up the hill. Little bit of hesitation for map reading crossing the trail.
3. Did not follow plan
Bad compass work
Wanted to hit trail SE of control ASAP. Stayed in green too long.
4. +00:30Ran pretty cleanly, not sure why I lost 30+ here.
5. +00:15Nailed this one. Took the trail around to red line intersection and then red line. Better footing would have made it even faster.
6. +03:00Without the control, I wasn't sure I was in the right place, so checked around a bit to be sure.
7. +02:04Checking the last control got me off my game. The hill down to 7 was really slick so lost some time there too.
8. +01:00No way to run to this one. Too slick.
9. +00:35Again, very slick.
10. +00:20As I suspected, road to reentrant and then up. Much quicker. Mud, water in the creek, and slick hill cost me a little time.
11. Tired
Tried red line instead of trail. I think it would have been faster on fresh legs. Footing wasn't bad.
12. Tired
Definitely slowing down. Better route into control.
13. Tired
Bad exit from 12. Tired.
14. Tired
Hit field closer to road to avoid longer dark green stretch. Good plan. Tired.
15. Tired
Tried road route. Good route. In a race and not tired, it would be much faster.
F. +00:45Talk about slippery.... Basically let gravity take me from tree to tree, stopping at each.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:01

Split Analysis

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