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Race Evaluation

QOC Prince William: Blue


1. +00:30Ran to path then came off at path bend, ended up a little low down spur and looked around for control on thicket, must admit didn't really seem like a "thicket" but it was where the map said it should be
2. Straight then saw control on the way down the hill. Again seemed a strange site since it clearly wasnt at end of path as I ran out along path towards 3
3. Drifted left and up the hill as got caught in slowly more dense green, ended up by the OOB then ran to road then down spur, was on the wrong one to the South but saw control. Caught by Dave Pruden
4. Came round low and straight into control. Dave Pruden was higher throughout leg
5. +10:00Same as for 4 and came past fenced graveyard, ran up side of valley but then ....walkabout. Think Dave Pruden and I distracted each other because we must have been very close to control and just didnt hit it. Eventually relocated on thin ridge.
6. +03:00Headed straight and ended up near 7 should have calmed down more after 5 and gone off road bend
7. reversed route
8. Clean
9. Road run time, may have lost a fraction but was safe route and new shoes were just beginning to niggle heels
10. Tried to minimize climb and starting to struggle on the hills
11. Clean but again struggling a bit on hill
12. +01:00Headed round the path then in off the OOB area. A bit slow ketting into control as bit greener with deadfall on nearer side of reentrant
13. OK until slowness coming over ridge and a fraction low onto the lower ditch
14. Feeling quite tired in early part of leg, eventually got up to the road and hit control clean
15. +00:30A bit hesitant when coming down into the stream flood plain and lost a little time in hesitancy
16. Straight and a bit more energy as close to the end
F. Up the hill to finish - probably a chunk of little errors not included

Total Time Lost - 00:15:00

Split Analysis

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