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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: White 1


1. Read map too late
Confused parallel features
There was a streamer leading from the start to the trail, so I just started following the streamer knowing that the control was at a fence-trail junction, and I didn't bother to look at the map. So when I came to the first fence-trail junction I was perplexed at not finding a control. I then looked at the map and saw that the control was at the second fence-trail junction.
2. spiked this one
3. learned what a copse was
4. spiked it
5. spiked it
6. saw a control on a high point and started running to it, however it was control #7, luckily I looked to my left and saw control #6 and didn't really lose any tim
7. Did not plan ahead
spiked it since I'd already seen, however I should have gone thru the gate at #6 so I wouldn't have had to cross the barbed wire fence which was tight and a little high
F. Tired
followed the streamers home, I was actually leading at this point, but was tired and walked alot and lost by 3-4 seconds

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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