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Race Evaluation

SDO Mt. Laguna Local Event: Green


2. Lacked confidence
Disturbed by others
Bill Gookin tried to purposely throw me off. It worked slightly.
5. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Drifted east a bit and ran into the ditch and had to relocate. Went a little too far this way and had to climb back up onto the knoll. Misread(?) control description and looked for the control on North instead of East Side.
7. Read map too late
Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Could not relocate
Confused by not seeing the actual boulder - headed to wrong set of rocks and went too far. Then overcorrected when relocating and went too far the other way. found it on third try.
8. +00:30Twisted ankle on this leg and walked half of it.
9. Bad route choice
Took the long way around to stay on trail in order to have good footing for my twisted ankle.
10. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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