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Race Evaluation

Park Race 11: Battersea Park: Long


1. Slight hesitation at the roundabout but nothing to complain about. Got into the map quickly for once.
2. +00:10Not sure why I briefly hesitated on the route choice, but it probably cost me 10s before I chose the direct route.
6. Good leg, 5th overall and 5s off 1st. Focusing well on the map.
7. Not sure why this one took more time - may have considered going through the green. Indeed maybe that's what everyone else did?!
8. Ran right round the building. Should work out how I can fit checking control descriptions into my run. It would have saved me 10s, but worse to come.
9. Tenth on this leg. Chose my attack point well as I crossed the park by counting trees. Very minor hesitation on the final placing.
10. Eleventh here, so also quicker. Quite good down the path and then used the bench to cross the crossable fence. Useful.
11. +00:20Lost time here, at least 20s. Overshot, had to retrace. If I'd had a better attackpoint than "bend in path" and "possible veg boundary" I would have done better.
12. +00:20Another. I must have just missed this over the cusp of the hill and overshot to the north side.
13. +00:30Big one. AP gives me 30s - I'm amazed that's all it was, but with 42s for the leg and 9s fastest I suppose that's right! Somehow decided I had to go north to get to the control and did a Dan running round the end.
14. Best leg - sixth. Helped being angry after messing up #13.
15. +00:10Silly mistake on entering this - don't consider navigating through anything which might be nettles in summer.
17. +00:15Should have navigated better rather than relying on knowing the topography and guessing where Scott had put the control.
19. +00:05Minor hesitation leaving #19
20. Must have had a poor route choice as I thought I did this one OK
21. Simple, and so…
22. … back up to speed
23. +00:15Long leg and 24th. I could have saved maybe 10-20 seconds with better navigation but OK. Trying to look ahead.
24. Cut south too early, but it was failsafe.
25. Good route into the open wood rather than round the outside.
27. +01:00Oh dear. Almost a minute lost in sight of the finish. Used the wood canopy to direct me to the thicket I needed, except I didn't place it correctly relative to the fence and wasted a minute about 50m too far north.
28. Knew where I was going. Disappointed to be 3s off the pace.
F. Fourth on the run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:05

Split Analysis

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